Freelance Editing Services

My work history since graduating with my Bachelor's of Science in 2007 has been administrative. I have worked in the financial, safety, military, recruitment, political and broadcast fields for over a decade. No matter the job title, I have put my editing skills to use. I have corrected safety manuals, training materials, marketing materials and transcripts. During my employment, I worked in a part time capacity as a freelance editor. 

I left the administrative workforce when my husband and I opened an engineering manufacture business together in 2017. I continue to offer my freelance editing services on a larger, full-time scale. 

I strive to give every project respect and clarity.  You have worked hard to make a work of art; I work hard to make sure it is appreciated.

I have a presence in the fiction market genres of Fantasy, Folklore, Humor, Magical Realism, and Steampunk in all age groups. My non-fiction presence is in Broadcasting, Nature and Travel essays. I personally enjoy books from the Victorian, Transcendental, and Modernism eras. 

Published editing work:

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Editing rates are negotiable on serial projects.

Copy Editing : $28 per hour
Proofreading : $28 per hour
Developmental Editing : $48 per hour

Billing and payment is handled via Stripe.

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