Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Lady Mechanika: La Belle Dame sans Merci by Joe Benitoz

45170944What another wonderful segment in the world of Lady Mechanika.  I have absolutely loved this series.  The steampunk ascetic, the myths, the atmosphere, the great characters.  I could absolutely go on to list a hundred things I enjoy about this series.  It makes me understand why people buy serial comics when the subject is something they enjoy so thoroughly.

Volume 4 was becoming a little gruesome and dark as Mr. Lewis confronted his past.  I actually put off reading La Belle Dame sans Merci until it was published as Volume 5 actually.

Mr. Lewis's only solace was at the bottom of a bottle until he meets a beautiful and mysterious widow.  Love is certainly in the air.  But what happens when that love turns deadly?  It's old, reliable friend pitted against an irresistible spark of light.  The emotions are running high and deep in Volume 5. 

The level of fantasy in La Belle Dame sans Merci is over 9,000.  We are talking fairies, people.  The steampunk was very low key this arc, and I'm not hating it.  I felt a complete revitalization for the series.  There is enough mystery and intrigue to the overarching plot to keep me coming back for the next arc.

Can I just say--buy this volume just for the art on page 62.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  It is available now.

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