Monday, February 18, 2019

Roads from the Ashes by Megan Edwards

Husband and I want to live in an efficient home.  A floor plan that is less than 1,000 square feet, which apparently went the way of the dodo in the late '90s.  Making our dreams a reality has alluded us, and it's built some frustration.

Then this ARC came through my Netgalley.  The Lord must have heard my quandary and provided some much needed guidance.  I didn't waste any time requesting a copy.  Now I'm itching even worse to get out of here, but at least I now have some ideas on how to make our dreams a reality. 

Megan Edwards's home caught on fire back when the internet was nothing but a fledgling idea.  With nothing to their name, she and her husband decided to buy an R.V. and hit the road.  They didn't want the stereotypical experience of campers hauling themselves from state park to state park.  They wanted to work while exploring the United States.

Megan recounts their adventures as they struck out on a road less traveled and made money doing it.  Megan and her husband pioneered a lifestyle that was little thought of in the '90s.  With that endeavor, they came across many challenges and plenty of frustrations.  Megan captures all the anxiety and pressure of living life off the beaten path, but she also has a way of capturing the humor that comes from failure.

The most surprising part was all the interactions during their travels.  They really met the cream of what the United States has to offer.  All those people are really why they managed to have their success, in my opinion.

There is a ton of nostalgia to this book--which sealed my love for it--but all of the concepts still hold value to a modern reader.  If you dream of a mobile life, or already have the fortune of living it, this is a book you should really read.

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