Monday, September 10, 2018

The Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett

Reaper Man (Discworld, #11)
Halloween decorations and candy are filling the store shelves.  Pumpkin spice has been spotted in its staple foods.  Fall is getting ready to gear up, and I'm getting ready for my favorite season.

I have never been one for seasonal reading.  Beach books, fall favorites, spring flings have never really made a difference to me.  I read what I'm feeling at the given present and be damned if it is out of season.

However, this fall, I have a couple of stories that really just go with the weather too perfectly.  I didn't read them in the fall, but I'll recommend them for fall reading.

Reaper Man is one of those fall books.  You can certainly read this book whenever you feel like; because as with any Pratchett novel it is good for time immemorial.  This is a satire of consumerism and the life of Death.

It revolves around the harvest in plot and motif, which makes it an exceptional fall novel. Death has been given the chance to Live, which makes the perfect storm of excess life for consumerism to breed.  Who doesn't want to read about soldier trolleys?

The Color of Magic, Guards! Guards!, and Reaper Man are the top of the Discworld favorites list fighting it out for the championship.  Every time I reread this one it scythes it way a little bit closer to the top--one stalk at a time, one click, one grain of sand.

This is a 5 star novel anytime, but also a perfect read to get yourself all geared for fall and the harvest.

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