Monday, September 3, 2018

Happy Labor Day

Thanks to all those who labor and sacrifice so the people in their lives have an easier existence.  To the farmers and ranchers who work long hours so we can eat.  To the technicians and operators who destroy their health so we can have manufactured products.  Thank you one and all.  You are underappreciated and often unrecognized.

The Plastic Magician by Charlie Holmberg

My absolute go-to author when I need a perk in my reading list.  I have yet to be disappointed by a single story she has written.

The Plastic Magician is a continuation to "The Paper Magician" trilogy.  Ceony's story was wrapped up wonderfully at the end of The Master Magician, but the world still exists and time keeps on ticking.

We are now a few years along when we meet our new protagonist, Alvie Brechenmacher.  She is a character near and dear to my heart as we are identical twins.  

Alvie is an American girl heading across the pond to take an internship in Polymaking--plastic magic.  In England, she meets an incredible new cast of characters along with some excellent cameos from our favorite Folders.

The new characters are a delight and interact as well as the original cast.  While reading "The Paper Magician" trilogy will help you understand the magic system, The Plastic Magician needs to remain a story read on its own merits.  They are not the same characters and should not be compared with the originals.  This is a continuation not a copy.

Their is conspiracy and intrigue as Magicians deal with the harsh reality of inventions and intellectual protection.  Holmberg once again gives us quite a large concept to consider on progress and what does "for the greater good" really mean.  That's why I love her writing so much.

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