Friday, August 31, 2018

Catching up

When we moved to the mountains, we inherited a landscape I knew very little about.  With an increased liking to be outdoors, I endeavored to spend more time outside this spring.  I learned about all the local plants and what was growing in my garden.  I revitalized the things I wanted growing and rooted out what I didn't.

It all kind of fit in with my revitalization towards reading.  Modern authors were really starting to bum me out.  I wasn't falling in love with series they way I once did.  I read a few new books this spring--and those reviews will be following in the coming days as all my plants start to go dormant and I head back indoors--but mostly I reread old favorites or got my humor back with Terry Pratchett.

What I read in the lull of gardening:

Guards! Guards! (Discworld, #8)This just cracked me up.  Dragons and old people love story.  Prime satire of epic fantasy.  Just when I thought I was tired of epic fantasy, I just needed to read something that poked fun at to love it all again.

Eric (Discworld, #9)

Not my favorite of the series.  But Rincewind is always a great character to go with on a misadventure.  Maybe it's just because I never read Faust I didn't get to suck up as much of the satirical beauty of Pratchett.

Moving Pictures (Discworld, #10)

Full on satire of the movie industry.  Even the name Holy Wood should have you in tears from laughing.  This one is in my top favorites of Discworld.

The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events #1)

I read this just to compare to the Netflix series.  I'm kind of a nerd for comparing silver screen to the printed word.  I actually did enjoy the books and may dedicate some time to finishing the series--maybe...some day...

The Looking Glass Wars (The Looking Glass Wars, #1)  Seeing Redd (The Looking Glass Wars, #2)  ArchEnemy (The Looking Glass Wars, #3)
I discussed this trilogy back when I was granted an ARC for the graphic novel continuation.  I love Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  This trilogy is the only retelling I approve.  You can catch up with what I think of the series here.

I'll be spending the rest of this weekend working on full reviews of the more current books I've read--some with disappointment and some with great energy.