Saturday, November 18, 2017

Was that a snowflake I saw?

It's almost turkey time!  Almost all the leaves have come down on the mountain.  The winds are howling and I swear I saw a snowflake the other day.  This is the time of year that I hunker down with all the good books I've been storing up and spend more time reading than writing up my reviews.  Though, I guess I really haven't been too good at those all year anyway.

Secondborn by Amy Bartol

Sci-Fi remains a genre I'll read but not one I seek out.  I was truly excited to see a new series from Amy Bartol pop up on the free Kindle monthly.  There is a strong pull to the dystopian worlds that Bartol creates.  They are certainly space operas but they also have a touch of the fantasy that makes me want to pick it up.

While the world in the "Secondborn" series is in space and time far different than our own, the characters are the same unrealistic level of gorgeous with a penchant for instantaneous love at first sight.  I could certainly live without those aspects, but that's why the characters interact so wonderfully together.

This isn't the first time an author has come up with a dystopian world where one people subjugate all the others to their vanity and frivolity.  It isn't even the first time an author has written a story about young female protagonist becomes the symbol of hope for an entire rebellion.  

What this story gives is an exciting adventure and exactly why I pick up a book.  According to Bartol's website, the other two books have been scheduled for publication already.  They are releasing less than a year apart!

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