Friday, July 21, 2017

The only law here is nature

The most exciting find when I came back to reading was that Shawn Underhill had made a new "The Great North Woods Pack" novel!  Inspiration was able to hit him again and we are now able to enjoy a sixth novel in the wonderful woods of New England.

North Woods Law by Shawn Underhill

Image result for north woods law underhillThis new wave of inspiration did not disappoint!  I loved the first set of novels for their introspective look at the battle humans fight within themselves about their role with nature.

This is "werewolves" at its finest and most natural form.  I was sad to hear that the story line had run dry and there would be no new novels.  It had been refreshing to read characters that were so back to basics and real.  In North Woods Law, while we have all the same characters, this story takes a completely different branch in the path.  This novel is all about the external struggle of man versus the pure, raw power of nature.

And it is amazing!  I think this one might be my favorite, but it's kind of like trying to pick your favorite child.  You must read it.  This is a beyond 5 stars book for me.  Enjoy (I know you will if you're a real person)!

There are some items that may be slightly confusing without reading the initial stories (like who the heck is that woman?).  But honestly, you'll pass through those sections quickly and instantly be gripped by the overall story.

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