Monday, September 12, 2016

Need something strange in your life?

Strange History by Bathroom Reader's Institute

How about strange facts from history? They'll brighten your day and give you something to read in between those reading slumps.  Here's a tidbit; an ancient Olympian won the gold medal while already deceased! You know you want to find out more.

From Uncle John, here is a collection of assorted facts from all of time. I really found this to be the exact level of entertainment I was expecting.  I needed something that would give me a little refresh between the fiction.  Plus, I found the tidbits of history to be really interesting.  Many were even snort while reading amusing. And then again, some were just really poignant statements.  A truly great blend of historical strangeness.

Now to insert my moment of honesty, I don't recall many of the facts I read because I wasn't trying to use this like a textbook to learn anything.  I just wanted some quick reading that would clear the fantasy cobwebs. There is plenty of trivia in here for those who like to cram it away for that weekend bar challenge, though.

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