Saturday, August 27, 2016

Soleil, so long

This is the post I should have put up last week, but I've just been dreading it.  I am disappointed to have to be doing this review, but now you can't believe anything other than I'm honest about all the books I read.

Soleil by Jacqueline Garlick

I was so stoked for this book.  "The Illumination Paradox" started as an incredible series.  The world was a new kind of apocalyptic dystopia. The diseases were unique with a slight touch of steampunk, and the characters had an air of disturbing that is just on the correct level of creepy.  I honestly felt like this series had something special to it.  I was eagerly awaiting the third book.  My super nerd reached critical mass when the author announced that book three would be in our hands on Harry Potter's birthday!

Then, Soleil published.  Then, my heart broke.  The first chapter was an editing nightmare.  I have learned from previous novels this does not get better, but I wanted the conclusion to the adventures of Eyelet and Urlick so I steamed ahead.  My heart broke a second time.  Not only was the text grammatically butchered, the flow had lost all it's spunk.  The story line had skipped into full throttle bull rush passed all the wit and sass that made this series start strong.  And then... Yes, and then, we literally fell down the rabbit hole.

Really? This wonderfully unique series had to fall down a flipping rabbit hole!  Don't get me wrong, I love Alice in Wonderland, but I really do not love the over abundance of authors using it as a crutch.  Write something original!  But, back to the review.  After we escape that hell, we are reintroduced to Eyelet and Urlick bumbling through their story.  The ending was something I had so looked forward to, and I was crushed.  I would have dedicated all that time in wonderland wannabe to Limpidious (the world you created author!), the world I wanted to know about because that was the unique story that brought be back to each book.

All right, that was brutal. Let's hit some positives. There were some truly emotional moments and a little bit of sap. I did not hate the book;  I was just truly disappointed.  Maybe writing one book a month is not a good goal to set yourself.  Soleil sadly paid the price for this ambition.  I kind of want my $3 back.  Maybe we'll get an updated copy some day that can at least redeem the plethora of grammatical errors.

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