Saturday, June 18, 2016

Happy 200th Post!!

In honor of my 200th post, I have a fantastic day for you! 

1. The blog has undergone a complete overhaul and turned into a fully fledged website. All the interesting extras I have been adding on over the years are now allotted their own space. Please leave all feedback on how this site can be of use to your bookworm endeavors.

2. On the Author Interview tab, we have an interview with Anna Kashina about her latest release, Assassin Queen. We talk about the "Majat Code" series and how she put the whole trilogy together. We also get an insight into what she does to step away from the writing table.

3. Shelley Adina has provided an autographed copy of her introductory novel, Lady of Devices, in the "Magnificent Devices" series. If you are new to this site, you will need to know that this is my all-time favorite steampunk series. This is a giveaway not to be missed out. Head over to the Book Giveaway tab to enter for chances to win.

4. A new review from another amazing author, Charlie Holmberg. Just scroll down to read my thoughts on Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet

I know I had been away from the blog for awhile with no hints or allusions as to what was happening. The first half of the year was a chaotic hodge podge of life events and reading. An evaluation of all of it put the dedication into revamping this into a full scale website. Now we are back for a killer second half of the year.

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