Thursday, May 5, 2016

The most mind-boggling book I've ever read

... and the mind-boggled review to go with it. This book was the most unique reading experience I have ever had in decades of reading.

Assassin Queen by Anna Kashina

This week we have the final novel of the "Majat Code" trilogy. I previously reviewed the first and second novels and have read a short companion novella as well. Some may recall me raving about the first novel and being slightly disappointed about the turn of the second novel. The novella was more in tune with Blades of the Old Empire and added to the hype for The Guild of Assassins. So with the letdown from the latter book, why did I get the third? More importantly, how did I feel about it?

Redeemed and exacerbated. How can you feel both of those at once? That is the mystery of the third novel of the "Majat Code." There were some extremely awesome, butt-kicking scenes reminiscent of "Blades," and the romance from "Guild" was still included. I was excited and disappointed at the same time reading this book. I can easily say I have never read anything with that emotion set previously. 

The plot devices were mostly formulaic, but a couple of instances just really threw me off my guard. Many times, characters would monologue for pages while I had already figured out the decision. There were no completely-did-not-see-that-coming moments, more wow-she-really-went-there-with-that moments. When I was lagging in my reading, one of these moments would come up. Then, five chapters later I realized I was supposed to stop reading an hour ago.

The final estimation of this book: just read it for yourself. The experience will boggle your mind. It truly was a great way to end the series. Despite the down moments and some pet peeves on writing style, I found it hard to break from reading. It was a unique reading experience and I recommend everyone else try it for themselves. I feel that the uniqueness will include incredibly varying opinions for decades to come.

Visit Angry Robot Books for more information, author interviews, and where to find your own copy. Assassin Queen publishes June 2, 2016.

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