Thursday, April 7, 2016

Happy Thor's Day

Another day and another post! I am making some serious headway on my reviews while continuing to read two books at once. I certainly am an overly ambitious bookworm. Netgalley keeps my e-reader filled, and I now have a new library card burning a hole in my pocket. Hard copies and digital reading fun for all hours, all locations, all situations! Again, I am an unapologetic bookworm.

Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan

With a stop to my new library, Sword of Summer was sitting right there on the end cap as I entered. I had just put down Ancient & Epic Tales from Around the World. Why not some more history and mythology? Plus, I really enjoyed the Percy Jackson series. What I love about Riordan is light-hearted fun with a lesson.  I, also, really enjoy the History channel’s Vikings. So naturally, a book about Vikings from Riordan is a must. I was not disappointed.

The humor is snappy as always. The sarcasm level lifts right up to the gates of Valhalla. The characters are able to interact with each other seamlessly. Teenage arguments are just hilarious. I could not help but crack a smile about every five minutes. My husband probably sat next to me thinking I was deranged. The adventure is paced to just keep flipping the pages. I tore through chapter after chapter and had to really force myself to achieve other things with my day. I really didn’t think I would get a book of dwarves and elves from the land of the Vikings. Didn’t I pick this up for a dose away from epic fantasy?

Now, I will admit my Norse mythology knowledge is rough. I know the very basic set of gods and what they contribute to our theology. Not to mention that the knowledge has been derived from the History channel more than research at this point. I do feel that some of the representations were a little off this time. I am completely aware that Riordan puts his own spin on the gods, but I feel he stays pretty close to the established mythologies. This deviation did not in any way hinder my enjoyment of the book, however. It increased my need to read up on some Norse history, which is exactly what I want my books to do. Yes, I know. Very nerdy of me. I want my books to teach me something; even if they are fiction. I now have the spark of curiosity to not only read the second Magnus Chase book, but to also brush up on my Norse gods. A victory of a 5 star book.

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