Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Irish fables for St. Patrick's Day

With St. Patrick's Day approaching, it would be a marvelous idea to head to the store and pick up your copy of The Last Days of Magic. A novel of Ireland and its magic. Patrick even makes a guest appearance!

The Last Days of Magic by Mark Tompkins

Myth, legend, and lore. Angels, fairies, and magic. Conspiracy. This book has it all in such compelling narrative. This story highlights a time when illiteracy was rampant and the records were what the victors made of them. Ireland relied on their fables to guide them through the mysteries of life, while the Romans were busy focusing on the power of the Vatican priests to dictate people's future. This book shines light on the struggle between the two magics.

I was originally drawn to historical fiction because of the imaginative freedom to build the characters and motives of history. I was drawn to this novel in particular because Tompkins ties the religious connection to magic. They really are more interconnected than many realize, and I want this part of history to see some more popularity. Tompkins clearly put some good research behind his development of the battle for the last days of magic.

While I knew most of the myths and historical names presented, I don't believe that will hinder the reading for any new to the subject. The narrative can get a little bogged down with all the history, but the characters are rich and intriguing. The action moves along with a choppy pace. I wouldn't classify it can't-put-down; however, it kept me picking it back up. The action, violence, and sex are not frivolous. They all have meaning for the movement of the story. 

This novel is 4 stars narrative wise. It is well written and entertaining. Tompkins captures the essence of magic living in every part of our lives.

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