Sunday, March 13, 2016

Howl at the moon

While spring is apparently here, at least according to the timelords, let's catch up with a review from last fall about a winter book. Since my circadian rhythm is all out of funk, it only seems apropos to have a chaos of seasons colliding in today's review. We are going to be checking in with the last novel in the Great North Woods series.

Snow Rising by Shawn Underhill

Snow Rising (The Great North Woods Pack Book 4)
I was sad to read the author's note on the back about this being the last book. For a while. Maybe. He has run out of ways to take the story. And I must agree that this is probably true. We had excellent resolution here, but I love these characters and this concept of shape-shifters (I refuse to use the word werewolves with these spiritual, majestic creatures). I do extremely appreciate his honesty that he is tapped. Oh, how I wish some other authors would have been willing to admit they were bled dry and refused to publish sub-par narrative.

While we started this series with Evie running head long into her family secret, we have come a long way down the rabbit hole. The story is now more centralized around the Snow family in general, and their family feud of Hatfield-McCoy standards. The future has come hunting for the Snows, and they must find a way to face their problems head on, as hiding has become moot. We know fanatics in history have dabbled with these very experiments given this novel a chill of realism. 

This story line could easily be happening today just as the narrative pictures it, and it is why I love this series. The transition from a coming-of-age story to sci-fi-esque battleground is remarkably subtle. After reflecting back on the series, this is not the direction I would have foreseen this series taking. Kudos to the author. 

I will give this 5 stars for the following: clear plot completion, hopes of more stories to come if we all love them enough, and swinging the story arc in a direction I never would have guessed with a young adult protagonist in book one.

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