Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Whitney Award Finalist

Here is a review from one of this year's Whitney Award finalists. Read my review to see exactly why I think this is an excellent nomination. Here is the site for the other nominees.

Followed by Frost by Charlie Holmberg

I absolutely adored the Paper Magician series and now dream of becoming a Folder. When I saw the author had a new novel on Netgalley, I was intrigued. New works can be a little leery for me when the author has only one work or one series. They are unproven. I'm not sure if they really have that writer's spark, where I just want to pick up everything they write. The plot summary didn't instantly capture my attention either. A cursed girl with only Death for company. Man, is that missing some of the highlights.

However, I did not want to miss out on the chance to read a book, plus it had been recommended to me by a fellow author I enjoy; so I went out on the limb and got a copy. What I was not expecting was a stand-alone novel by the same author of The Paper Magician to have an even bigger impact. This writer has the spark.

Followed by Frost is a-complete-lack-of-adjectives-awesome-enough-to-describe-it. The story is compelling. The writing is cohesive, beautiful, and poetic. I absolutely loved this book. The characters are honest and good. There are morals. There is honor.

I really just can't say enough good things about this book. The whole package well exceeds 5 stars. And this is why I love Netgalley. And this is why reviews and publicity are so necessary for the publishing world. I would not have picked this book up at the store. Don't get me wrong; the cover is beautiful so I would have literally picked it up, but the back would not have compelled me to take it home. How many books have you missed out because of this?

DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS ONE. Go to the store. Pick it up. Dog-ear it. Love it. Read it to your kids in insert-appropriate-number-here years.

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