Thursday, January 28, 2016

The floods of spring are coming...

Because all the snow is melting in the Northeast. The plus side to being frozen inside? A couple of extra days snuggled with the hubbie and poodles for warmth and plenty of down time to read! 

Noah's Wife by Lindsay Starck

Can you say that the townspeople had no faith when they are so staunchly holding onto a sinking town? They certainly had turned their faces from the heavens that were raining down on them to the drowning of their city. As they continued to focus on rescuing their lives, their outlook on God changed. All seemed to devolve from a bright faith to a haggard hope. There are so many contradictions in this novel to pick apart and discuss. I love it. The whole story gets you out there thinking about faith and love. Also, you get to thinking about what you would do if presented with continuous rain to the point you can't even remember when it started.

My downside to the novel--it could EASILY have been 100 pages shorter. There are multiple points of view that cover the dilemma of the townspeople that are all valid. I wouldn't want to cut out an entire voice. However, the over exaggeration of a personal bit of information with no background is frustrating. I believe this is the first novel I have read where the author didn't bore me with details; instead it was the general story telling. The landscape is vague and the characters are vague, but the novel is a whopping 400 pages long.

Now, some of the vagueness I get. This story is adapted from the Bible; where we do not know Noah's wife's real name. So using that possessive contraction principle on many of the other characters makes her stick out less. Brilliant. The rain covering every inch of the town would be hard to paint an exact picture of the landscape (like looking through a champagne glass at art during a gala). Purposeful. The disruption of faith as a statement and nothing more. That is where you lose me. (I get that you are probably trying to leave me up to my own devices to think about the subject and place my stamp on the book, but you told me so much else I didn't need to know I feel a little gypped.)

It is on shelves now, but I'm not really recommending it unless you feel up for it. The price tag is certainly too high for a lackluster read that I really had to push through. I'll give it 2 stars solely for the benefit of making me think outside my happy little fiction ozone.

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