Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Post Christmas catch up

I apologize for falling behind. The holiday season is a very non-internet focused time for me. I truly hope every enjoyed their time however they choose to spend it. There is just something magical about the end of the year. For me, it is time to reflect and release all the tensions that I have unwittingly let build up. I eat way too much unhealthy food and waste time playing with toys (and am grateful for every minute that I get to do those things). I do miss the snow, though. When I was a kid, this was the time when the first snows were coming, and they added to the magic of Christmas. Now winter doesn't seem to come around until January. Sigh.

Two things for today

1. Congratulations to the contest winner Joyce M for getting an excellent book to kick off the New Year.

2. A book review

Devices Brightly Shining by Shelley Adina

Devices Brightly ShiningI bought this when it first released but saved it to read on Christmas day. I am really getting on board with the little holiday novella concept. And as I really love this series, it was just a brilliant surprise. This little story is also a great set up for the next set of novels featuring Gloria Merriweather-Astor. 

We are presented here with just a few nights that revolve around a ball celebrating The Lady and Andrew's wedding. But absolutely no characters are left out for the festivities. Alice and Ian are basking in their admitted feelings. The Mopsies are finally young women finding love themselves. So much magic is in the air. Perfect of Christmas and getting the spirits right. A supremely great novella.

Get ready for Book 10 in January!

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