Friday, August 21, 2015

Military space opera that just keeps kicking the heartstrings

The mornings are starting to get crisp and cool. Being able to spend the mornings out on the porch reading good books is just amazing. I could use the cool mornings with all the adrenaline pumping from the third novel in the ATLAS series.

ATLAS 3 by Isaac Hooke

This was another emotional installment in the ATLAS series. Nothing that happens is overly surprising as the plot of the story is rather logical. They are fighting a war.  What I did not see coming was the ending--again! Seriously diabolical cliffhanger genius.

The story isn't any different from the two that came before. War, bloodshed, adrenaline, cliché topics repeated from the first two novels. Yet, I could not put the book down and was blindsided by the ending again. The characters continue to have an excellent development. We get the chance for another perspective when the teams are split and Tahoe becomes the point of view.

We are facing another battle of the same crazy war for humanity. The previous enemies have banded together in the face of a new foe. A stronger, more disturbingly alien foe. We meet several new species of weirdness that just make me wonder how authors come up with aliens. (Kind of my sticking point with sci-fi novels is the absolute creation of races that have no logical existence. Here included.) This novel gets more in depth with the Phants and their motives for being on earth. The color coded mystery is also solved. My favorite part of the story was hearing the war from their stance and getting a history of their race. I actually wish there was more of the Phants interaction.

The reuniting of Shaw and Rade is very well handled leading to an emotional pounding at the end. I knew it was coming and yet there is still hope that around the next corner there is going to be some miracle. It is so obvious but still heartrending. The whole war wraps up and it seems like there is healing and conclusion. Then the epilogue. Geez--what a cliffhanger.

There better be another novel. For now, I'll have to go pick up the short stories to get my MOTH fix. I really cannot recommend this series enough. It isn't going to be breaking any literary barriers, but the stories are just so immersive and amazing.

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