Thursday, August 13, 2015

Light inside the dark

Late summer means fall is on its way. The beach reading is drying up and the leaves are going to start changing soon. I'm going to smell fall in the air. This is not my favorite time of year. I always have to battle off an extreme wave of emotions this time of year. It is these times I am really glad Netgalley is around. There is a never ending supply of great reads to fill my days.

Lumiere by Jacqueline Garlick

Amazon Publishing imprint Skyscape gave me the opportunity to try out another steampunk author. It does seem so many authors are trying to get into the lucrative steampunk genre. There were some I have not enjoyed and others I enjoy immensely. Like all literature, the genre has become flooded. That is why the cover and back of the book are so important to the sell. Amazon Publishing did a good job with the revamping of Lumiere in anticipation of Noir releasing this month. The cover is gorgeous and I was pulled in by the synopsis.

The characters have personality, the antics keep going, and the oogie boogies are fascinating. The whole novel is just fun--to read and to experience imaginatively.

There is a wonderful blend of magic and science that gives the essence of wonder and awe. For all the scientific reasoning and answers out there, it is nice to still have the wonder that comes from magic. An innocence of awe from the imagination that seems to stymie out as we age. The author has a great way of keeping the story fun and moving. The gadgets are really cool and the landscape is a nice change from Victorian England or Europe or the other many obvious choices of steampunk. I keep thinking about Hawai'i and all of its volcano-y landscape goodness. A steampunk approach to geological science of volcanoes. Nice!

I highly recommend this novel and give it 5 stars. Perfect digital price over at Amazon.

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