Saturday, June 27, 2015

Isaac Hooke, diabolical cliffhanger genius

I recently attended the funeral of a family member. This man was a very great man and left behind quite a great legacy. He was very proud of his service in the Navy. During this time of transition, it was kind of poignant to be reading a space Navy novel even if it was a little more fantastical in setting, the emotions are every day.

ATLAS 2 by Isaac Hooke

I will keep this review spoiler free so first time readers can go pick up ATLAS and start an amazing series. I will warn you now--Isaac Hooke is a diabolical genius with a cliffhanger. I wasn't even sure if I really planned on reading the first book (for reasons that can be found in my review over here). I enjoyed the story, but then I got to the ending. I just had to get ATLAS 2.

And here we arrive to the second review--with a second cliffhanger that slaps you in the face.

Usually a cliffhanger just makes me mad because there is no point. The author obviously has another book coming and just picked an arbitrary point in the story line to stop. Most of the time I'm not all that inclined to get the next novel (and have actually stopped two series this way). Not the case with either of the ATLAS books. They are both an introduction of new material that is such a spur to go pick up the next novel. I ended this book white-knuckled screaming "are you serious" with that last sentence. I really wanted to turn the page and find answers.

Once again, I will point out that sci-fi has never really been my genre. I definitely prefer elves to aliens. So I continually get surprised when I find a sci-fi book that fits my reading pallet. ATLAS 2 is full of aliens AND robots. Actually, I really have not been able to pinpoint the actual draw of these novels for me. I just seem to be hooked on these books.

The naval concept of loyalty and honor are probably the big draws. The characters are very authentic and good people. It is refreshing to read something not full of political intrigue or morally grey characters. The bad guys of the story are reprehensible in a very clear world domination way and manage to just end up creeping me out. I will not be able to look at slugs the same moving forward. Then we get to the Phants, and the true reasons why this story are successful come out. You'll have to pick up your own copy to understand.

Now I'm on my way to third novel with eager enthusiasm. Amazon has book one for $3.99 and book two for $4.99 digital.

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