Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spiders on the rooftop... just follow the spiders

What a whirlwind spring it has been! With the huge gaps in sunshine and rain, I have had my hands full keeping up with the lawn. But those rainy days have given me a great chance to get some new ARCs.

Another new author and new category for me courtesy of Netgalley. I have really appreciated being able to open my reading horizons. This time around I tried to see what Urban Fantasy was all about. Figured it was time to move my reading timeline up from the age of Arthur and Victorian era to the age of technology. City of Fae will be released on May 7, 2015.

City of Fae by Pippa DaCosta

The start of this novel was a little hard for me to really get pulled in to the story. The premise seemed to be pretty obvious and the characters had some disconnect for me. Like any good show, the pilot cannot judge the series. Actors need time to mold to each other before you can really decide if the show is any good. This novel had the same affect. Once the characters seemed to find their stride together, I was more invested in the reading.

I was a little disappointed with the overdrawn feel of writing points from most any other author on the shelf. The love story was overly obvious from the first second and cliche. The magic was not very developed or imaginative. Fairies coming out into open society is certainly nothing new. What all worked for this novel, is that every part was equally done before. You could take that fact at face value in the first few sentences and read the rest of the book from the aspect of just riding along for the entertainment.

An aspect I really took away from this book--the main girl. Her back story was incredibly refreshing when all the other aspects seemed worn out. There is truly the beginning of some philosophical virtues entering the plot line in the next novel. 

I recommend this novel to every urban fantasy fan with the disclaimer it is nothing new, but it is certainly exciting. The pace moves along wonderfully and there is plenty of action.

Visit Pippa's website for pre-order information and giveaways. Visit Bloomsbury Spark for other novels that you may want to consider.

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