Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sometimes you just need a re-read

The day job has been grueling to say the least for the past couple of weeks. As spring ramps up, our business booms. In itself a good thing, as it means more money and gorgeous weather. On the downside, I don't read nearly as much as I would like and usually fall irreparably behind on my 75 books a year goal. It really does not help when I hit a reading slump at that exact moment as well. I have been reading fast and furious all year. There have been many new authors that I am so excited to have been introduced to, but sometimes you just need the good, old classics. I'm talking cracking-spine, dogeared goodness. To get out of my slump, I decided to pull an original off my shelf. The very book that introduced me into devouring fantasy novels for the adult reading level--Through Wolf's Eyes

Through Wolf's Eyes by Jane Lindskold

Image result for through wolfs eyesIt was introduced to me by a dear friend who has become a published author in her own right during our senior English class when I sought book recommendations. I was tired of the general literary fiction and wanted to read something from an author who hadn't been under dirt for more than a decade.

It is the reason I read fantasy fiction to this day. The world development and detail without being monotonous is wonderful. I get swept away all over again in my re-read. I have been away from this series for so long I really got to appreciate the details from a new stance in a new decade of my life (and couldn't recall anything of what was going to happen). These new life experiences really made this oldy a fabulous new goody with new perspectives. Also, reading it as a reviewer put a shine to it. The book is still as good as when I first read it, if not better.

We meet Firekeeper, a girl raised by wolves. Enough said on the awesome. There is political intrigue abounding and magic. The setting seems medieval while the costuming seems American Revolution. Fascinating that I never really noticed those details 12 years ago. The characters are intricate and interact well with each other. There are multiple nationalities and cultures including the four-legged and winged. All the threads weave into a beautiful tapestry. We don't lack in some action with our dialogue too.

The greatest part about this novel--all of the novels have been published!! Where I had to wait a year or more between the original publications, (and admittedly would forget storylines since I read so much in between) I can now greedily consume all the series in a row. As can you, which I highly recommend doing. Binge read away!

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