Thursday, March 26, 2015

Continuing amongst the stars

Only one week until we get the second great book of the month. 

Sea of Stars by Amy Bartol

Under Different Stars was recently re-released, and I was given the opportunity to read the new revision through Netgalley last November. The concept of a Sci-Fi novel seemed like a good break from my epic fantasy binge. You can find my thoughts on the first novel here.

I was wonderfully excited when the second novel showed up on Netgalley so soon after the re-release. With Under Different Stars fresh on my mind, I gladly picked up Sea of Stars. Super impressed! This novel even manages to be better than the first. I have completely overlooked the Sci-Fi feel. Kudos to Amy Bartol.

We have completely left Earth behind and landed in the middle of a civil war on Ethar, and Kricket seems to be stuck on both sides. The war brings with it a story filled with action and political intrigue. From the second I turned on my Kindle, I was on an amazing roller coaster. The action just never seemed to stop. There was a great balance between the imagery and imagination. Bartol certainly knows when to stop the description and let the reader take it away. I never seemed to know what was going to come next. Impressive when Kricket sees into the future.

Kricket isn't wanted by either side, yet both are willing to rage epic battles to have her. She is the ultimate pawn in their political games. We get to enjoy the dynamic of Kricket and her Etharian bodyguards battling against her terrifying antagonist Kyon as well as throwing in some new characters from the other houses of Ethar. The world expanded and the magics expanded as well in this story.

There was strong development progression in this second novel. I highly recommend the entire series knowing that such a great follow up comes along.

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