Tuesday, February 3, 2015

National Readathon Day recap

Last month I went to my favorite resale store. I had months worth of house cleaning to take in for trade. I'm pretty sure they groaned very loudly when they saw my husband and I approaching the doors with loaded down boxes of books, DVDs, CDs, and video games. I knew it was going to take them time to sort through everything and cash out the total, so we hit the shelves to see what else was available. 

While I love this store for the very high standards they require for their used materials, organization is not a high priority to them. It can be extremely hard to find a specific item for which you may be on the hunt. The store is best appreciated when you have some time to kill poking around and finding that hidden gem! Which I did, in the first three novels of the Septimus Heap series.

So for National Readathon Day, I hunkered down with the novella Darke Toad and Flyte. I am actually quite glad that I read the novella before book 2 instead of publishing order. I had forgotten some details from Magyk that came back. I also managed to complete Seeker and get my review up. A very successful day of reading.

The next day, I started Physik and had it finished by mid-week.

Septimus Heap, Books 1.5-3 by Angie Sage:

The darke ToadFlytePhysik
I previously read Magyk on a free Amazon promotion. From the basic description of the books, I saw some parallels to the Harry Potter series with the fact they are about a magic boy and told in seven novels. I was actually stalled from reading them for these parallels until the free promotion. Good job Amazon for shaking me into a new series yet again. 

Darke Toad is a fantastic short story. It nicely covers a cute anecdote between the first two novels timeline. The story is certainly not necessary, but quite humorous and short. You could certainly skip the story if you wish, but I recommend the additional details it can bring to the full series. It adds some flesh to the bones of the story (I neat joke you will only understand when you have read the book). 

Flyte was an excellent follow up to Magyk. I have been impressed with the series so far and enjoy their simple humor and good cheer. 

Physik is another great continuation and excellent way to keep the storyline vibrant. Most series spend the entire time on the struggle between the protagonist and antagonist which can appear protracted and tedious. This series shakes it up by removing the initial villain and coming around to a secondary plot. 

I have high hopes for continuing fresh stories in the concluding novels. I'll have to keep checking back at my local bookstore and hope someone turns over 4-7.

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