Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I'm already hooked

Since joining Netgalley, I have been introduced to some great new writers. I have expanded my author connections through twitter and found some promising new talent. I have spent a year writing plenty of 4 star and above reviews. I think I actually forgot what it took to really knock my socks off. Then, I was offered Seeker.

Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton

This novel was amazing. The email "trailer" to get me interested in the novel definitely worked. I was very interested and incredibly pleased when my ARC request was approved. I am so glad I was able to read this novel.

It is great.

The plot is fresh and exciting. You can't really figure out if this is Earth of the future, past, or alternate timeline. I really, really loved that. There were aspects from the fantasy and sci-fi genres blending in a way to made my heart oh-so-happy. Oh, and just touch of steampunk.

There is a coming of age for three protagonists; and we are involved with all three growth plots. The chapters were evenly divided and made sense where each left off with the timeline and how they connected together. Gritty reality exists in each story line that really makes this series stand out from your over redundant YA novels filling the shelves right now. No spoilers here, but seriously, the way that each character handles the trauma in their life--woah! It was so easy to connect with these characters and their life struggles even if you have never experienced such hardships because of Dayton's realistic writing. If you have ever been in any of their shoes, then you will connect even deeper. 

There is a love story that is so realistic I want to shake the author's hand, or envelop her in a really big hug. You will get moments of mushy-gushy if you are a sap. But, if you are a cynic, then you will really appreciate the relationship development and most likely turn into a sap.

So many great things to say, but I'll stop now before I write my own book. The author has an amazing website. Visit it here. Then, go pre-order your copy today.

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