Monday, November 3, 2014

The truly dark ages

A business trip last week really threw off my reading schedule. Anyone want to pay me to read full time? That would be great. Until that magical day arrives, I hit the books hard this weekend with incredibly cold, drizzly rain ruining my outside plans. But who can argue with a day snuggled under the blankets and a good book (or two, or three)? I have quite a few reviews to catch up on this week, so start your Monday off right with some assassin nuns.

Dark Triumph by Robin Lafevers

I was certainly correct in my prediction Sybella's story would be darker than Ismae's. It is a good story. There is the gritty quality of a train wreck you just can't look away from despite knowing it is horrible and will haunt you. It is a story of redemption.

What I have noticed about this series: It is set up like Nora Roberts. Three stories. Three heroines. Three love connections. Each novel focuses on the path of the heroine to her lover and overcoming her personal obstacles to that love. 

What I like about this series: Assassin nuns is a nice twist. With it having a pretty formulaic romance series foundation, I was happy to have the 15th century France background to shake up my expectations and keep me interested in the story. The romance is not overly sweet and deluded. These are clearly stories about love, yet do not overdo the butterflies in the stomach. There is no gratuitous sex.

What I do not like about the series: The attempt to market these to young adults. I'm not sure I really get the connection to that market. Yes, the girls themselves are young at 14-18. However, at the era these stories are to take place, they would be considered child-rearing adults and not face adolescent challenges. They are experiencing love at a very mature level that I sure don't remember being part of my first crushes. I consider these the perfect read for an adult.

I will give this novel 4 stars. The writing was well handled and well edited. The story line moved along smoothly. For it involving assassin nuns, the action was a little dull, but the plot moved along at a good clip (I never really found my interest flagging). I am now interested in moving along to the final novel Mortal Heart, which releases tomorrow.

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