Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cover Reveal for Arrows of Darkness

I apologize for the horrible delay to this amazing cover reveal. I was on vacation fulfilling my nerdom at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which was absolutely amazing despite my complete lackluster experience in FL, as usual). I attempted to create a new post through my phone, which technologically trumped me by good measure. So I bring this reveal to you several days late with my deepest apologies.

Please revel in the beauty and glory of Mae I Design's cover for (to me) a very anticipated sequel to The Hunter, The Bear, and The Seventh Sister below. You can also visit my previous review post to learn more about the first novel and take this chance to become a part of what promises to be a very endearing series. My post over here.

Now, drum roll, please...........

Arrows of Darkness by B.I. Woolet


Jackson returns to Arcas expecting to find peace—a peace greatly lacking within his own home. But when a violent archer takes over as Lord of the White Palace, the future of the ancient kingdoms is shaken.

While Rigel, Otava, and Merope work together to rescue the six sisters trapped at the White Palace, Sephdar returns from shadowy crusades to find White Wings’ army leaderless. The new self-proclaimed ruler has a plan for the Seven Sisters and a plan for The Bridge to Earth. But when his ambitious arrows pierce the peaceful kingdoms, an unlikely force confronts the dark lord and the future of the crowns is changed forever.
In absence of the seven sisters, Jackson returns to find that dark creatures have overtaken the beautiful Starling Forest, destroying everything in their path. Jackson and Nekkar narrowly escape together, but Nekkar blames the Son of Earth for releasing the present darkness in Arcas. The rocky, new friendship strengthens as they journey through dangerous lands toward the Free Realms. Can their loyalties survive when the beautiful Princess Andromeda interrupts their quest and the darkness of war batters their souls?

Hold to your axe and hold to your lass as you join Jackson to combat the darkness spreading through the world of Arcas. But remember, the most powerful arrows do not pierce the body but the soul.

B. I. Woolet (Benji & Ila Woolet) is the author of the World of Arcas book series. They enjoy creating lyrical and literary arts, playing music together, and exploring nature. They are happily married and live in Indiana with their children.

They are currently working on the second installment of the World of Arcas series titled “Arrows of Darkness” due for release in spring of 2015.

Get plenty of good information about the authors, the story, and prequel to prepare yourself this spring. I know I'm ready for the next adventure!!

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