Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The day the flotilla hits your home

Happy release day to Chuck Wendig! The second novel of his Heartland Trilogy hits stores today. If you are just checking into my blog, go here for my review of Under the Empryean Sky before reading this review.

Blightborn by Chuck Wendig

This novel certainly grew in writing style. The segues from character arcs was smoother and flowed the story together in a fabulous braided vine. The "gang" from the first have been divided by circumstance, secrets, and physical distance. There is the struggle to reconnect and find the simplicity of the times before. The characters have progressed in their stories individually, inevitably progressing the dynamic of all their relationships.

I feel that the actual content of the story plot suffered in this novel. I was more impressed with the forbidden gardens and issue of genetically modified feed for the livestock of humanity from the first book. This novel spends more time in the vapid clouds of the flotilla and its wild abandon of cliche corruption for the sake of glory and glamour. Plus, there was an almost steampunk feel with all the auto-mates. We are now presented with an entirely new way the Empyrean has warped the Heartland. I will grant this, though, it was not the even came close to direction I pictured for the story. Well played Wendig.

Not all sophomore novels come out better. I may disagree with a large part of the content and how the actual story progresses, but I cannot disagree with the eloquence of the writing. I really was impressed with the maturity of Wendig's authorship. I was still completely entranced with the story and recommend this novel with anticipation for the conclusion.

There were several climaxing moments to the story where you almost think it could all be wrapped up, but there is still half a book left in front of you. And then, BAM! Book over. What a way to end a book! Seriously, great cliffhanger (is that an oxymoron?).

Pick up your copy at a local indie retailer or digital copy through Amazon where it is introductory sale of $3.99. For news and updates from Chuck Wendig on the Heartland Trilogy, visit his blog: http://terribleminds.com/ramble/blog/

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