Monday, June 16, 2014

In the house of the rising sun

What a week. Phew. Something about Friday the 13th landing on the night of the full moon. Superstitions will abound. What better to go along with the crazy then Beyond the Western Sun chock full of native superstition and the amazing gift of storytelling.

Beyond the Western Sun by Kristina Circelli

I know an author going to IndieFest in FL. As I was perusing their website for other authors attending, Kristina's author bio stuck out with her Native American theme. She is spreading some of her heritage with a mix of the fantasy fiction. Native American's are natural born storytellers, as most of their history is passed through oral tradition. I have always been fascinated with their origin stories and folk legends explaining why we exist in this world and the part humanity plays in nature. This was an author I had to check out. I looked her works up on Amazon, and the first of the Whisper series was free, so of course I had to download it.

This book will not leave you with the warm-fuzzies. Our protagonists are traversing the Land of the Dead. There can't be much fun to be had in Limbo, but lessons will be taught on nature and our spiritual connectivity to all elements around us. The land is full of weird creepy crawlies and Native American totems bent on deceiving or capturing your soul. Gross, disturbing, and I loved every minute of it! Circelli's writing really took me to the Land of the Dead. She really captured the art of storytelling in true native fashion.

Another plus--her characters were not overly romanticized and gooey. They were disturbed with the actions of their lives and the choices they had made (or were made for them). There is a hunt for the true answer to the question, not what you want it to be or what others are expecting to hear. The honest truth with all the ugliness inside the beauty. Her main character Whisper has a dark side that terrifically reflects the evil struggling to dominate the good.

Now the rest of the series is $2.99 a piece; well priced for me to continue reading. At 4 stars for the first book, I look forward to what comes next.

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