Thursday, May 1, 2014

Coming Soon

To a bookstore near you! I crack myself up. More serious now. The conclusion to the Sundering series will be hitting shelves in June this year. I have become highly impressed with the ability of Wizards of the Coast to put out six novels so quickly. As a voracious reader, I love having the entire series within 10 months. Sure, there have been some unique hiccups (for me) with six authors contributing to the overall plot arc, but it worked for me by this conclusion. I now have an appreciation for the multi-author genre. I can't say that I have been turned into a fan but appreciate the intricacy that goes along with co-writing. 

Ed Greenwood raps up the story of world domination and apocalypse with The Herald coming to stores 3 June 2014.

Visit the ever amazing Wizards of the Coast website to pre-order, see cool maps, and learn about all things Faerun and Forgotten Realms. This video explains the relationship authors have to develop their stories into one seamless blend of reading goodness.

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