Monday, April 28, 2014

We are the (Repulic) Champion

Wow, I think I need to go to some kind of Dystopian Anonymous meeting. I have really been reading a bunch in the genre lately. My head is starting to get some strange ideas about itself. I might even be developing prepper paranoia. At least I have some excellent entertainment.

Champion by Marie Lu

The conclusion to the Legends trilogy was strong. The action kept moving, the plot didn't get stale, and the heroes kept a few twists up their sleeves to surprise the reader. Overall, I give the third book from Marie Lu 4 stars.

I was pleased with a lot of aspects about this story. I will try to keep this review spoiler free, but it is not going to be easy. All the events in this book are so intricately linked to the great build up work laid down in Legend and Prodigy. Props for the excellent development through all parts of the trilogy. They clearly rely on each other without being dependent.

I will reveal we get to see yet more cultures from around the world in this installment. Antarctica makes an appearance, which is really fun because an author can completely create a culture of their own in that country. I will also pout for a second because the great look at the Colonies stopped with the last chapter of Prodigy and the Antarctica culture was very limited as well. I sort of felt cheated out of some excellent reading material. But, I guess you can't write everything you want because then the novel would be 500 pages and most readers wouldn't buy into tome-sized YA books.

The relationship between Day and June continues to be very realistic of a young adult romance. It is complicated, nobody says the right thing, and there is so much misunderstanding from all the reactions and explanations never said. Their complete lack of communication was highly frustrating; exactly how it would be in a real relationship. While it is realistic, I do not like certain aspects of how they developed and I remove a half star. 

The ending seemed pretty final (what with a ten years later chapter becoming pretty standard for "I'm done with this series, don't ask me any more questions"), but I can always hope there will be more to the story. I certainly feel like their is more to the story. That lapse in feeling concluded is what makes me take off the other half star for this concluding book.

So for personal reasons, I definitely feel my love for these books turned to like. (Also pet peeve--guestimate is not a word, will never be a word for me, and you lose some credibility when you publish it.) The whole series is incredibly well written and well developed. There are no glaring continuity errors or ending spoilers. I would recommend the whole series to all readers despite my personal cooling to Champion.

Visit Marie Lu's website to follow news about the series and very helpful writing tips.

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