Thursday, March 27, 2014

War isn't always what it seems

Got a little tangled up in multiple projects again, and actually finished this book a week ago. Sorry if I have missed some of the finer points in my review as I try to scrape it out of the back of my memory. We are continuing our journey through the Republic's underground to destroy the evil Elector Primo in the sophomore novel of the Legend series. 

Prodigy by Marie Lu

This story finds June and Day developing more through tragedy and misunderstanding. Their relationship is very real. They have been wounded, betrayed, used, and misled. Each has their own personal struggles while trying to love each other. And they are young; meaning they do all the wrong things and make developing a relationship almost impossible, yet you keep rooting for them to figure it out. The raw pain and emotion is exposed in the story, but it is not the focal point. These are books that don't over do the romance even though it is a key component to how the main characters react and make choices. I cannot give enough praises to this advanced technique out of a fledgling author.

The picture starts to expand a little further in the second novel. The nefarious plots of the power behind the curtain start to become exposed. The reader begins to be a little more omniscient. We move beyond the Republic's borders into the mysterious and dreamed about Colonies. However, it is just a barely, brief glimpse that makes me want to read more. I am certainly interested in picking up Champion (and even more pleased that I have the entire boxed set to just keep on reading). Marie Lu doesn't use a traditional cliffhanger of action, but more of world development alluding to what is still building kind of cliffhanger. There is clearly an ending (and a tearful one at that so have some tissues on standby) to Prodigy. In case you have lost your mind and want to stop reading here.

This sophomore novel did not make as heavy of an impact for me as Legend, but it certainly is still worth 4 stars. 

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