Friday, March 14, 2014

I pledge allegiance

My husband is wonderful. For Christmas, he surprised me with a complete set of hardback copies of the Legend series. He had read about the impression they were leaving in the literary industry and thought I might enjoy them. I love that he supports my reading addiction, and that he knows me well enough to buy me a set of books I couldn't put down. My to-read is realistically stacked so high I have just cracked open my Christmas gift.

Legend by Marie Lu

I was initially hesitant about reading an urban fantasy since I prefer the completely unrealistic to the very possible dystopian future America. I am certainly an escapist in loves with magic and elves. Don't misunderstand, though. I enjoyed The Hunger Games but am not as fanatical about them like I am about Harry Potter. These books have been classified as the competition to Hunger Games. And boy, do I think they wallop them into the ground. 

This is a YA novel that probably could have easily succeeded without such young protagonists. They are wise well beyond their years (though I guess that makes sense with the militaristic zone they live in) and, to me personally, would have been a little more enjoyable as older teens and/or adults. Though, there are some great moments were the naivete and innocence of a young teen shows through. But if my biggest complaint involves the balance of the characters age to their actions, I'm throwing it out the window in lieu of great writing and enthralling story.

The struggle for what is right and wrong on top of learning the dark truth about her posh life makes June one of my all time favorite characters. She manages to be so human despite being raised so mechanically. She has a trusty companion dog, a protective big brother, and creepy admirer. There is a lot to learn about her character through the interactions she has with these support characters. Marie Lu does an amazing job of showing, not telling with her character development. Her dynamic with Day is easy to sympathize with my own life. They keep the story pulsing along. Before you know it, you will be at the end of the book. Everything moved along too quickly for me to really lock onto the details I actually felt surprise at the ending, though I easily could have seen it coming. Excellent distraction tactics Ms. Lu.

The supporting cast is almost too big for the shadows of the leading duo; I enjoyed the interaction and play between everyone. No one really could have been left out in the editing process. There are so many dynamic personalities floating about the book that every reader should find a character to connect with.

This is definitely a 5 star book. Don't worry about buying one book at a time to see what you think. Just go out and buy the whole boxed set

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