Friday, February 28, 2014

Our beautiful swan returns

The final entry from my multi-book binge reading. A seriously awesome week of reading. My to-read list is shaping up to promise some classics with what I have gotten through so far this year. I'm feeling a little better about authors these days; I had some serious worries about independent publishing there for awhile. It felt like talent and editing were not a qualifier for cheap reading, and I was getting a little frustrated. Thanks to the authors who have changed my mind this year.

Gear up (haha--pun) for your copy March 4th. $13.99 for paperback or $2.99 digital. My 5 star review follows.

Chasing the Green Fairy by Melanie Karsak

Our much beloved flight crew is back aboard the Stargazer for another adventure. This time it i through the love and loss of the heart. I was incredibly impressed at the change of direction in this second novel. While I appreciated the Davinci Code-esque style of the first novel, I really connected to the story this time. There wasn't all the glamour of travelling all around the world in this installation, but there was a healthy dose of back story. We really get to see a better picture of where Lily is coming from and all her connections. 

The addition of lore and myth from one of my favorite island nations was a nice touch. I have to say once again, I was really impressed at the direction this novel took with the story line. I had serious time management issues when reading. I did not want to stop and go to work. The pacing was on target for continual intrigue.

The pain and suffering are so real, the spin out of control is so real. Beautiful. Lily is just an absolutely fabulous character. She is so beautifully flawed, so imperfect, and even a tad bit villainous. I respect her. She certainly isn't the girl most parents want to meet, but she is a realistic choice. I will throw some kudos to the men as well because they make fantastic support characters. Each person has such a bizarre tick that I have just fallen in love with.

The final flying scenes were some of my favorite. I was easily able to imagine floating along the blue skies like a bird due to some fantastic descriptive writing. Praise to the writing talents of Melanie Karsak. I am eagerly awaiting Chasing the Fog later this year.

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