Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome to 2014!!

I was out of the 9 to 5 for the last two weeks of the year. It was a very blessed vacation. I spent most of it curled up in sweats under a blanket reading book after book after book. I easily cleared my goal of 75 books this year! Go me! 

I did not post reviews of all the books because some were re-reads of childhood favorites. I am a HUGE HP fan geek. So after watching the movies for the umpteenth time, I began my re-read of the first three novels before the year ran out. I also received the Boxcar children box set on my Kindle for Christmas. After more than  decade reading them for the first time, I re-read the first two. Wow, were those amazing stories! And wow, would we not even come close to letting our children do those kinds of things anymore (except for me and all the other smart "free-range" parents). I now want to buy a boxcar and play house. Ah the simple days of childhood.

Other great books abounded on the new reading list. Those reviews will be following today and tomorrow as I slowly slog myself back into reality of the working world.

One review that I am unable to post in full, as of yet, is for the magnificent Sundering Book Four: The Reaver by Richard Lee Byers. I was able to score an advance copy and will gladly say that the series had a real winner with Byers addition. Each author is certainly bringing their own style to the table in this six author series, and there will easily be something for every reader out there. Paul Kemp and Richard Lee Byers have been my favorites so far. You can check out their amazing website here for further details on all the novels released and sample chapters for The Reaver releasing next month.

Here is to two days of typing up reviews!

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