Friday, January 3, 2014

Everybody Loves Comics

For day two of my review extravaganza, I have a three-for-one-deal. I received the second batch of Avatar: The Last Airbender follow up graphic novels for Christmas. (Starting to see a theme for my stack of presents under the tree, hehe?) The first trilogy (as reflected on earlier in my blog) followed directly behind the TV show and tied together a few of the semi-loose threads. This second trilogy now deals with the deep inner quest of Zuko to find his mother, with the help of (duhn-duhn-dun) his criminally insane sister. Good plot hook.

The Search by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko

As usual, these were fantastic. The story of the Avatar world is just immensely strong and beautiful. There are great messages about family, friendship, love, and loyalty. I really adore the artwork as well. Such clean lines and well drawn characters. The backgrounds are not forgotten because they hold the scene up. The colors are richly vibrant. For the money you pay, the quality of ink and paper is top notch and really feels like a bargain deal. There is clearly more to come from these inventive creators, and I look forward to grabbing that set as well. 

Here is to hoping the Avatar books keep running for some time!

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