Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Back into the North Hills

A peaceful weekend of local shopping at bookstores and antique shops left me a little lighter in the pocket. Nothing like adventuring in a new town and finding great local business. Stopped by the neighbors and received some excellent new year root vegetables. I also got the opportunity to curl up with the poodles and finish an excellent book. What a weekend!

Seasons of Wither by Shawn Underhill

This new author is blowing me away with his storytelling. He writes with such realism of character. There is so much emotion and energy in his books I have extreme difficulty putting them down. But I think what I appreciate the most is the genuine feel of honesty to the books. His thanks and notes section at the conclusion possibly made me happiest about this book. Shawn very honesty and openly told the readers he is taking a break. He wants to make sure that the next story is as rich as the first three and that means taking some time. He wants more for our enjoyment than the collection from our wallet. I LOVE THAT!

We have moved to the next phase in the mystery of who is stalking the North Hills pack. The tensions are building and everything is about to snap. Shawn even manages to have a character have an argument inside his mind that I visualized so vividly. I know we have all felt that brief insanity at times. The realism just continues to amaze me. Can I say enough times that this story is gritty and real and excellent? The mystery isn't too burdensome or meant to throw you off the scent. It is a pace setter for the adrenaline that makes your hackles rise.

Go pick up a copy today. Seriously. Here. At $2.99, you are just kidding yourself with excuses not to buy it. I greatly look forward to the next book. I'm probably even going to go check out this new series he mentioned. 

Here is to a new and exciting format next post!

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