Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Man vs. the Nature Within

My hopes are slowing rising that authors are paying more attention to their second novels than the "future" sequels. They are making sure they have a fanbase who wants to keep on reading the series instead of taking their "genius" for granted and forgetting that Point B comes in between A and C. I am also being more realistic with myself that the sophomore flop is just characteristic of a bad author or, even worse, a really bad editor. As much as I may try to like them, because I actually like them-the person, there are just people who can't quite reach that bar no matter how they stretch. A third or fourth book may come out that is a gem, but it is usually a fluke like the first with the next two books falling flat on their covers. They tried and perhaps will have a 1:4 ratio, but I have already given up. Shawn Underhill thankfully did not fall into this category.

The Call by Shawn Underhill

What an excellent improvement! The second installment of the Great North Hills Pack series is fantastic. I certainly enjoyed the first novel, but I really loved the second novel. It gained a sense of maturity. The main female was no longer the main focus, but the pack as a whole this time around. Makes sense being about wolves that no one individual would shine even if one has special markings.

The titling of this sequel novel is so beautiful in its simplicity. The way Shawn Underhill handles the dilemma of man versus nature is beautiful. There is the call of the pack and family through love and unity. Then, there is the call of nature and solidarity. The lone wolf that stalks alone from pessimism and hurt can still feel the pull of family deep down inside. Isolation and absence do make the heart grow fonder after all. Abel and Erica struggle against an internal demon/dream/wish that is so well depicted in Underhill's writing. As the reader, you just absolutely get sucked into the emotions. 

Lars is a truly inspiring addition and I look forward to seeing where that story arc leads. The novel ended with my favorite type of cliffhanger. The one that doesn't really solve anything and makes me really, really want to know when the third book is coming out, yet if for some unfortunate writer's block, I will not feel a complete let down because the story did finish.

I incredibly, highly recommend this book to everyone. It suits all ages and just really needs to be read. It is $2.99 on Kindle. How can you pass that up?

Here is to some Russian mythology!

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