Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Trip Down the GMO Aisle

My weekend just was drizzly and gray. The perfect weekend to finish up those pesky inside projects on my house. Oh well! Instead I spent the weekend cramming my brain with some seriously good brain food.

Donny and Ursula Save the World by Sharon Weil

Ok. What do I say about this book. It exceeded my expectations yet was not close to what I expected. Is that a conundrum or impossibility? The very perplexing nature of my reaction is well suited to this story. The writing style is not my favorite but suitable for a modern fiction piece where we have thrown grammar out the #window. There are clear plot lines and definite character development. Some of the content I find wholly unsuitable to modest company. It is a book I will have a hard time recommending. I think there is beauty to the spiritual connected-ness of the mycelium from mushrooms. (If you pull up one mushroom, you can unearth an entire forest floor. While I am allergic to the fungi spore family, I still find them to be an entirely useful and beautiful plant). However, I did not appreciate the Eros allusions.

While it is a book of fiction, it revolves around very strong fact and some pretty solid assumptions. It can help to open our eyes to a very devastating problem in our future. My problem with the book comes with the limited audience it will be able to reach. Some of my relations who really need to understand the importance of seed saving would never touch this book. They would find the lack of modesty mortifying. And I find that to be an entirely different subject to tackle with them. The two together just sort of taint the other, though I see the authors point in connecting them through Mother Earth.

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