Monday, August 19, 2013

That wasn't so bad now

The author must have just been experiencing some growing pains. A sappy, over-the-top mushy introduction led to an angsty (haven't you moved past this after high school? or have the current generations matured that slowly?) headache. Maybe that just happens with sophomore novels. (I could easily have cut the second and third Twilight book... heck even the first half of book four.) 

Vindicated by Keary Taylor

After a rickety second installment, Keary Taylor came back to wrap up her series concisely. Jessica was much less whiny and the heart-felt touchy-feelies were back in full swing. Every body gets their happy ending; just as it should be with a sappy New Adult love story.

Other than getting back on the correct path, there isn't much to say about this final installment that wouldn't be a huge spoiler alert. (And who wants not only the ending, but the overall, ultimate ending, ruined for them?) So.... no major spoilers but a few minor ones in order to have something to review.

My frustrations from the second novel hold strong, though. "Adam" (who I will not reveal his true identity to protect his superhuman angel ways... actually it would just be an unfun spoiler) serves no role in the story. He is Scottish filler fluff and I'm hurt on his behalf at the lack of character development. Caroline ends up as some form of second thought that should probably make a reappearance. 

Cole yet again saves the plot and my mood from eviscerating this review. A second, throw in review: I also read Afterlife, the (too brief) short story of Cole's point of view. As a short, it is complete. But.... I really feel this could have made a full novel. One that could have competed with this whole series.

I'm just glad that the end of the day was beautiful and loving. I won't recommend these books as a purchase and am glad that the cost was not higher. Rent them from a library or borrow them from your sappy friend because they will fill your rainy weekend.

Here is to some more Galleys!

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