Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Harassed by an angel

I got caught up in reading so many excellent books last week I forgot to publish on here... eek! Also I was organizing my "library" which turned into a daunting task as I categorized, scanned, and shelved each book. I have an awful lot of books.

Forsaken: Fall of Angels by Keary Taylor

This sequel left me a little wanting. While I was not overly impressed with the writing of the first book, I chalked it up to an amateur that will grow and develop. Then, I read Forsaken, and now I am left wondering how Vindicated will turn out with quite a bit of worry since I already shelled out $10. There are definite growing pains going on here. The pains were not so gnawing that the story was rendered unreadable, more like stumbling blocks in pace, though.

Jessica (who happens to have the same name as a childhood friend and unwittingly makes certain connections in my mind the author cannot help) complains an awful lot. I do not appreciate whiny protagonists. In Branded, she appeared to be stronger than her problems. She took a life of hardship and made something on her own. Now in Forsaken, we are listening to her non-stop complaints about her relationship. Groan (face-palm)!
Then the story takes a huge turn. Adam is revealed and his story doesn't quite blend in with the main thread, but I appreciate the attempt. His sudden exit only seems to fit with his sudden entrance. I am crossing my fingers he will suddenly mean something in Vindicated and this was a moment of way too obvious foreshadowing. I mean, who doesn't love a little Scotish accent? 

Caroline suddenly is discovered where she should have been left. We already had enough angst for Alex and Jessica. Cole reenters the picture. What is up with the sudden air raid of characters? Don't get me too wrong here; I love Cole. He makes an excellent villain, and I appreciate his part of the plot. It seems like the best writing comes from his storyline. Maybe the love story should have just been left at the mercy of the editor's red pen?
A jumbled end attempts to line up the plot for the finale of the series. I will continue reading because now I am definitely invested in knowing where this lovehatetragedy (Papa Roach seemed to be an appropriate record title for this triology to make a soundtrack in my mind) is going. I like unrealistic; I like romance; I like to feel like I have a heart; but they just didn't blend together well in this novel. Maybe some serious violence will ensue and balance the world of Fall of Angels.
Here is to being Vindicated!

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