Friday, May 3, 2013

A break from the books

Since most of my books are still packed away and I do not have anything new on the Kindle, I have pulled out the Nintendo 3DS. Every now and I again I just crave some video games. I started playing Doctor Lautrec and just got hooked on the riddles and puzzles. I am a sucker for puzzles. So my reading has declined. On the plus side, I read so many mangas recently, that my list of 75 is a little ahead of schedule. I'll give myself the detour of some screen time.

The game itself is quite fun. The puzzles are not super challenging, but I don't feel like I'm rushing through the game. I get to take my time and enjoy the escape. The Lock/Smash puzzles are absolutely impossible and I hold little patience for the puzzle quality. 

Learning some of the 19th century history of France is fascinating. It is very refreshing to have a game set somewhere other than steampunk Britain, future America gone to waste, or alien planet. There are many other great countries on this planet with strong histories. We need to focus on them a little more. 

The standard comparison to Professor Layton arises from a puzzle-hunting mystery aficionado. I am a HUGE fan of the Professor Layton series. Doctor Lautrec is a similar feel with the puzzle adventure, but everything else about the game diverges well enough to make it an excellent competitor. I am interested to continue both series as they develop. The 3D aspect on Lautrec is very low budget and quite alarming to the eyes. I turned the 3D slider all the way to minimize the strain, but the "3D" scenes are still horribly blurry. I can quite easily see the ghost images.

Overall, I would give the game an A rating for its entertainment value and smooth flow through the game play. I lose sometimes but don't feel as if I have to struggle to win. The story cut-scenes and dialogue are humorous, though I am not sure if I have followed any semblance of a story line yet.

Here's to getting back to the books!

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