Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Unpacking in the new house!

Moved into the new house! Once again, as non-essential items, all of my books are packed away. First in, last out, boo! For now so I am making very slow progress on my goal of 75 books. It is sad to stare at my empty bookshelves, but exciting to anticipate their new location at the "library" I am hoping to set up at my house. Continuing on with my mangas.

Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama


The first two mangas seemed to have some slight changes that were probably made for the "sensitive" American TV audience. They would have been funny anecdotes to leave in the series but certainly did not hurt the story line by changing them. The next four mangas seemed to leap right out of the TV themselves. The story line is true and every panel shows up almost word for word. The additions to flesh out the 20 minute episodes transition smoothly with Toriyama's Dragon Ball. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these while packing up the household goods. They are a heart-lightening break to back-breaking work.

Here is to unpacking with the rest of the adventure!

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