Thursday, March 14, 2013

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As a nice little break from my brain bender with Karen Armstrong, I am enjoying the continuing world of Avatar: the Last BenderI have recently become a fan of graphic novel series as my favorite TV shows no longer run (such as Buffy and Avatar). It is amazing at how much good TV gets cancelled because it does not get popularized from being thought provoking, which actually makes people think about their morals. 

The Promise by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko

The Promise Part 1 cover  The Promise Part 2 cover  The Promise Part 3 cover
I fell in love with the A:tLA TV series as a recommendation on Netflix and was excited to see that they had continued on with the creators through a Graphic Novel series. These certainly kept the charm and humor of the originals. The quality of art work and printing make these fantastic books to own. They certainly didn't skimp on paper quality, though I wish they were a little longer. I plowed through each in about 20 minutes. 

These stories are filled with good lessons that get people thinking on the quality of their lives, and the experience of sharing a world with a multitude of other cultures. It stresses the importance of considering the new families created between the blending of culture and the pressures that arise for a new generation. Avatar can provide insight to all ages. Glad to see there is another three part series to follow this holiday season.

Here is to another Amazon promotion series introduction!

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