Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Multi-tasking Queen!

All the major items have been packed away and my apartment is starting to look ridiculously sparse. I packed all of my books weeks ago since they got classified non-essential items. Luckily for me, we went shopping and these were too good of a deal to pass up, and I have some reading material for the move. So while I pack the last straggling items away, I will be reading through these excellent mangas.

Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama

I had never watched this series while it was active on TV and even made fun of the few kids I knew who watched it at the time. My husband turned out to be one of those who tuned in each week for a new episode. You can't really make fun of something your spouse grew up with in a nice way. So instead, I was an excellent wife and sat down to watch the entire series through in one weekend. (No easy feat at 153 episodes). I fell in love with the series myself. There are certainly parts that drag, which I still make fun of vigorously, but now I feel I have earned the right to mock those moments. As with Avatar, I decided to read the original mangas from which the show was based. This is an excellent story with some of the best moral lessons that can be taught. The humor of the original TV show stayed true to the manga while making some necessary changes to get approved for American morning cartoons. (Which is a bit of a shame really since those moments are incredibly hilarious and not obscene. American mothers are ridiculous.)

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