Monday, February 18, 2013

Short stories don't always equal fast reads

Especially when you are reading them in between the lull of another book. It does however increase the enjoyment and anticipation by dragging out the read.

At First Sight by Tammy Blackwell

As a companion piece to the Timber Wolves series, it was a great addition. I love when an author gives the perspective of other characters. Since the original story is told from first person point of view, it is nice to see the world from all the angles. There is so much more depth when an author provides these stories. Tammy Blackwell has created an entire authorverse without the lengthy drudgery akin to Wheel of Time or A Song of Ice and Fire (sorry for my blasphemy epic fantasy fans, but those books just really tend to exhaust me with their glory). She has managed to keep it light and entertaining while showing the layers of creativity invested in the lives of her characters. I truly appreciated this companion piece and look forward to more works from this author. She has cemented her name on my "check what has been published lately from insert author here" list.

Here is to spiritual enlightment!

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