Monday, February 11, 2013

Preparation is all the battle

Still having a hard time really digging into any of my current reads to finish them. Here is a micro update on what I have been reading, and what it has taught me.

I hate preparing for anything! Even taking a short drive down the street can make me dig my heels in like a stubborn mule. I'm not sure where this derives from honestly. I'm sure a psychoanalyst could derive much meaning from it, but I'll pin it all on anxiety. I hate preparing. I would rather just jump right in and figure it all out as I go along. 

Unfortunately for me, this is one of the worst survival plans in the history of every creature that has had to survive. Oh, and I'm married to an Eagle Scout (who holds incredibly tightly to the mantra "always be prepared"). 

Reading books like How to Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag are helping me somewhat. Good news from what I have read so far: I am mostly in line with what I'm being told I need in terms of preparation. However, this is all remotely due to the hand me downs from my husband as he updated his own survival gear. My equipment probably needs to see its own sprucing and modernization. 

Second set of good news: I love to buy things. I am a gadget junky, but very rarely have actual use for such items; therefore, do not waste my hard earned cash on said gadgets. Now I get to legitimately go out and purchase a range of very cool gizmos in the name of scientific preservation. 

I think this is a book everyone should read through and test their preparedness. Even if you fly by the seat of your pants in life, this book is pertinent. Full review to come when I have completed it, but since I am reading in concurrently, that may take some time.

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