Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fundamentally conclusive

Timeless by Gail Carriger

What a way to end the series! While this installation did not provide such head dashing moments as Heartless, it definitively earned it's title. I feel that I was able to predict the outcome of this book much easier than the previous novels, which was slightly disappointing after being so thrown from the scent in Heartless. A continuously fresh outlook to the story, that was pleasing with its consistency to the preternatural world, made it worth every sentence, though.

Gail Carriger provided just the right amount of chapters after the climaxing moment to neatly tidy the storyline and conclude the narrative without opening any new avenues. She certainly could continue the story onward
 since all characters are still highly present, but it would be able to be years down the line and completely independent of this wonderful five novel set. I was highly impressed with the succinct wrap up. These have made my re-read list, which I believe will age like a very fine wine.

Here's to picking up several different options to choose the next path!

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