Friday, February 22, 2013

Random series conclusion interruptioin

Hopefully I have not thrown you overboard with my unique reading pattern this month. I have been very unfocused in my reading. This book ended up being a complete interruption to the various book juggling I had mentioned two weeks ago. As I was packing up the non-essential items in preparation for our move, I dug out this forgotten gem. It had not yet been shelved since its unwrapping. 

Stargazer by Patrick Carman

While this book is certainly geared for the Middle Grade reader, it is poignant for all ages. You are never too old to learn new intricacies of life that can impact the person you are and the person you would like to be. I read the beginning of this fantastic series before the holidays in anticipation of receiving this novel for Christmas, so I will try to keep the review spoiler free for those who wish to start from the first, which I highly recommend.

This was a conclusion that happily wrapped up all the threads in a realistic fashion. There were no mighty swoops of fancy that make for an impossible conclusion. Everyone learned vital life lessons that can hold value to readers of any age. The poignancy of the ending really struck me. 

I did not read the "fourth" book in this series due to it being a prequel of sorts and I was rather impatient to learn the continuing adventures of Yipes and Alexa. So as I pressed forward with the real fourth installment, I don't feel I missed anything in the plot or timeline; however, there were enough allusions to the prequel story I may consider going back and reading it as well. 

Patrick Carman has an excellent way of reaching out to the reader and making them evaluate themselves along with the story. His day job certainly bleeds through his writing. It is an excellent adventure and a quick read. The introduction of new characters were charming if a little flat compared to more advanced reading material. The parting of familiar characters and remembrance of earlier heroes made my heartstrings twang. I found this book to be captivating at a time I was losing some of my momentum from my goal. I recommend this series to all readers especially those who have perhaps forgotten a little of themselves.

Here is to getting back to the spiritual enlightenment!

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